And we'll watch the King conquer....
Winter is Coming

Winter is Coming

SEMI-HIATUS, see you around~^^
I am a Xanderette,
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Xander being Xander :D

"I realize as I get older, I tend to focus more on a person’s inside rather than the appearance. No doubt I still care about the looks. But a good looking person without a good personality is merely an empty shell; an eye candy that will slowly give you diabetes. I feel that the inner beauty can actually turn an average looking person extremely beautiful. That makes a person charming. And attractive." — Alexander Lee Eusebio. 


Glimpse of the video I took before Xander did Gwiyomiduring our dinner date (Fanacc here)! He was so embarrassed, he was just adorable ♥ 

iF TAKEN OUT; GIVE CREDITS TO elusionkim @ tumblr and @contiukiss

10 /  pops in seoul moments
when xander compliments kevin



Xander says “Touch My Body” ~~


EXCLUSIVE Interview with Alexander: 32 Questions From Xanderettes

Happy New Year, Xanderettes! :) Do you remember this?  All of you had the opportunity to send in questions you’re curious about to Alexander, and all of us are in for a real treat! Initially, we were going to pick out 10 popular or most interesting questions……. but guess what? Alexander kindly answered a total of 32 questions instead! :) This exclusive interview is in celebration of the friendship between Alexander and Xanderettes, and is brought to you by XANDERETTES.NET

No Xander, no Xanderettes too! Thank you Alexander! 

We hope you enjoyed reading this interview as much as we did! :D Do let us know if you liked this and would like us to do more of it, or any other suggestions you’d like us to do for this year.
Note: Please do not extract any parts of the interview to use against Alexander, or twist any of the words or use with the intention to defame. All questions and answers are purely meant for Alexander and his fans. Also, if taking out from to post on another website, please include a credit to Thanks!


Xander + Foods = (っˆヮˆ)っ


Exorcism of Xander Rose... \(°□°)/


Alexander in “3 peas in a pod” - Trailer